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System Design Practice Questions

Now that you have enough context on the interivew and what to expect, take a look at this comprehensive list of System Design Interview Questions:

  1. Formulate a solution for managing a Parking Lot system, encompassing entry, exit, and pricing.
  2. Develop an architecture for a chat application reminiscent of WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger.
  3. Design a service analogous to goo.gl or bit.ly for URL shortening.
  4. Construct a blueprint for global file sharing and storage apps like Google Drive or Dropbox.
  5. Devise a strategy for creating and displaying content in a platform's Newsfeed, similar to Facebook.
  6. Create a concept for a text storage platform akin to Pastebin.
  7. Propose a microservices-based approach for an e-commerce website, addressing transaction handling.
  8. Detail the architecture of a traffic control system.
  9. Design a global ride-hailing service backend comparable to Uber, Grab, or Ola.
  10. Elaborate on the structure of a limit order book used in trading systems.
  11. Engineer an application similar to Airbnb, facilitating room rentals and bookings.
  12. Design a URL shortening service akin to popular platforms like bit.ly or goo.gl.
  13. Blueprint a social network and message board service inspired by Quora, Reddit, or HackerNews.
  14. Plan a global video streaming service tackling challenges like smooth streaming over low bandwidth.
  15. Outline the solution for a ride recommendation system similar to Yelp or Nearby Friends.
  16. Design an API Rate Limiter system to effectively manage API request limits.
  17. Develop a software model for an Elevator or Lift system in a multi-floor building.
  18. Architect a platform for location-based recommendations like Yelp or Nearby Friends.
  19. Create an autocomplete feature for search engines capable of handling millions of users.
  20. Devise a system for a Twitter-like platform, focusing on fundamental functionalities.
  21. Formulate the structure of a website for booking cinema and event tickets, inspired by BookMyShow.
  22. Explain your approach to designing a search functionality for a Twitter-like platform.
  23. Describe the process of designing a Java-based Vending Machine system.
  24. Construct a platform for global file sharing and storage apps, akin to Google Drive or Dropbox.
  25. Detail the design of a Web Crawler similar to the way Google operates.
  26. Design an ATM machine with functionalities such as cash deposit, withdrawal, and balance inquiry.
  27. Design an application like Instagram, incorporating photo upload and basic filters.
  28. Propose an architecture for a feed posting system across various social networks.
  29. Create an architecture for a point-to-point chat application inspired by WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger.

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