💡 Product Manager
Do's and Dont's


  1. Craft a Structured Approach: Prioritize a well-defined structure for every answer you provide. Clearly communicate this approach to the interviewer and stick to it throughout your response.

  2. Be Adaptable: Stay open-minded, as your interviewer might throw curveballs or present prompts that don't perfectly fit your usual frameworks. Embrace these challenges with confidence, drawing from your diverse experiences.

  3. Check-In Regularly: Engage in frequent communication with the interviewer. Ask for feedback, inquire if your thought process makes sense, and welcome any questions or clarifications.

  4. Embrace Humility: Emphasize collaboration during the interview. When the interviewer pushes back on your ideas, view it as an opportunity to demonstrate your adaptability and response to constructive feedback.

  5. Highlight Teamwork: Use "we" when discussing accomplishments to showcase your team-oriented approach. Simultaneously, articulate your individual contributions, emphasizing how you multiplied team success.

  6. Be Metrics-Driven: Demonstrate your data-driven mindset by utilizing quantifiable metrics to support your arguments and decisions.

  7. Demonstrate Customer Focus: Put the customer at the center of your answers, showcasing your understanding of their needs and pain points.

  8. Showcase Leadership Skills: Illustrate instances where you exhibited leadership qualities, such as leading successful cross-functional teams or driving product initiatives.

  9. Ask Thoughtful Questions: At the end of the interview, ask insightful questions that demonstrate your genuine interest in the company and its products.

  10. Network through Interviews: Treat every interview as a networking opportunity. Regardless of the outcome, maintain connections with the people you meet to expand your professional network.


  1. Jump into Answers Immediately: Take a moment to clarify the prompt with the interviewer before diving into your response. This demonstrates your attentiveness and ability to comprehend the problem thoroughly.

  2. Rush to Solutions without Understanding the "Why": Avoid directly presenting solutions without first understanding the underlying reasons and objectives behind the problem statement.

  3. Neglect a Well-Structured Framework: Showcasing a clear and logical problem-solving framework is vital. Demonstrate your structured approach in every aspect of your response.

  4. Assume Unstated Information: Refrain from making assumptions without explicitly stating them to the interviewer. Seek clarification on any ambiguous aspects of the problem.

  5. Stay Rigid or Overly Fluid in Response: Strike a balance between being open to feedback and defending your ideas. Display your ability to adapt while remaining steadfast in defending your decisions.

  6. Disregard Business Acumen: Display your understanding of the company's business model and industry landscape. Neglecting this aspect may indicate a lack of preparation.

  7. Overwhelm with Technical Jargon: Avoid excessive technical language, especially when discussing product concepts. Ensure your communication remains clear and accessible.

  8. Lose Sight of User-Centricity: Product managers should always prioritize user needs. Avoid getting lost in technical complexities and remember the end-user experience.

  9. Undervalue Soft Skills: While technical expertise is essential, don't overlook the significance of soft skills, such as communication and collaboration, in a product management role.

  10. Miss Opportunities to Showcase Impact: When discussing past achievements, highlight the quantifiable impact of your work on the company's success and growth.

By following these tips, you'll approach product manager interviews with confidence and increase your chances of securing your dream role in the field.

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