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Which Programming Language Should You Choose for Coding Interviews?

Ever wondered if the language you flaunt during coding interviews affects your chances? Well, the answer is a resounding YES!

Why Your Language Choice Matters

  1. Companies Aren't Always Easygoing: While many companies let you jam in your favorite language, some like Google play hard to get. They restrict you to Java, C++, JavaScript, or Python.

  2. Some Languages are the VIPs of the Coding World: High-level languages like Python and Java come armed with library functions and data structures that can make your coding smoother than butter on toast!

  3. Your Comfort Zone Matters: Use what you know best. If you cuddle with Java every night, don’t swap it for Python just because it's the latest craze.

How to Pick Your Coding Battleaxe

1. Look for the Showstoppers

Python is the darling of many because of its brevity and massive library. With just a wink and a nod, you can do wonders with it, like getting the last element in a sequence with arr[-1] or flipping it with arr[::-1].

Java’s cool but can be needy with its constant type declarations. C++? It’s got similar vibes.

Top Picks: Python, C++, Java, JavaScript
Good Enough: Go, Ruby, PHP, C#, Swift, Kotlin
Might Raise Eyebrows: Haskell, Erlang, Perl, C, Matlab
Brave Souls Only: Brainfuck, Assembly

2. Embrace What You Know

If you've been rocking out to Java for years, don't suddenly turn to Python just because everyone's doing it. Being fluent in your language choice is like having a trusty guitar; you know every chord and can jam effortlessly.

Jam with What You Know If:

  • You’re short on prep time.
  • You’re already drowning in algorithm woes.

Consider a New Tune If:

  • Specific roles require it, like Front End/iOS/Android roles.
  • You have ample time before diving into interviews.

Don't Switch Just Because:

  • You're trying to show off or follow trends.

3. Remember, There Are Always Exceptions

For roles specific to Front End, iOS, or Android, you might have to serenade in JavaScript, Objective-C/Swift, or Java. If you hit a language snag during the interview, take a deep breath, ask the interviewer for some wiggle room, and focus on showcasing your understanding of data structures.

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So there you have it! The next time you're up for a coding interview, make sure your language choice sings to the tunes of your strengths and requirements. Happy coding!

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