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The Interview

The Interview

When it comes to succeeding in product design and strategy interviews, it's essential to understand what interviewers are really looking for. We're here to break down the details of their expectations, the various types of questions you might encounter, and how to create your answers. Whether you're improving an existing product or imagining a new one, these insights will help you shine.

What They're Searching For

  1. Problem-Solving Skills: Start by breaking down the problem in simple terms and connecting it to the bigger goals and user needs. Think of it like solving a puzzle.

  2. User-Centric Focus: Keep users at the heart of your solution. Always come back to what users need and want, and how your solution can help them.

  3. Picking the Best Solution: While being creative is good, focus on choosing solutions that make the most sense. Think about what will have the biggest impact and what's practical.

Different Question Scenarios

Be prepared for different types of questions that explore various aspects of product design and strategy:

  1. Making Improvements: Imagine you're making an existing product better. How would you do that to attract new users?
  2. Elevating Products: Picture being in charge of a product. How can you make it better in a smart way to get better results?
  3. Sharing Product Thoughts: Talk about your favorite product and how you'd make it even better. What changes would make it even more awesome?

Crafting Great Answers

Your answers should cover these key points:

  1. Why It Matters: Start by explaining why this problem is important for the company and its users. Think about how your solution benefits everyone.
  2. Considering Users: Break down who uses the product and why. Tell a story about the people who benefit from it.
  3. Measuring Success: Consider how you'll know if your solution works. What will change? Think about whether users will stick around or more people will join.
  4. Generating Ideas: Come up with different ways to solve the main problem. Think of at least 3-5 ways to make things better.
  5. Choosing the Best Idea: Decide which solution makes the most sense. Consider which one will make the biggest difference and is the easiest to implement.
  6. Testing Your Solution: Explain how you'll check if your solution works. Think about how to test it, even if it's not perfect.
  7. Facing Challenges: Think about the good and not-so-good parts of your solution. Be honest about what might not work well.

Demystifying "Product Strategy" Questions

Understanding the difference between "product sense/design" and "product strategy" questions can be a bit tricky. It's mostly about whether the question is about the big picture or the small details. Here's how to tackle "product strategy" questions:

  1. Starting with the Mission: Think about what the company aims to achieve. Skip this step if you're brainstorming new ideas.
  2. Seeing the Whole Picture: Imagine the journey your product takes from start to finish. Think about each step and who's involved.
  3. Focusing on User Needs: Break down what users really need and what's missing in the market. Consider what people are searching for.
  4. Choosing the Best Ideas: Select the best ideas that will truly help users. Think about what will stand out and make a difference.

Mastering product design and strategy interviews is about simplifying things, keeping users in mind, and selecting the best solutions. Whether you're enhancing existing products or dreaming up new ones, this guide is your pathway to success.

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