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The Interview

Nail That Coding Interview with This Study Plan!

When diving into the coding interview prep world, you're probably wondering, "What exactly should I focus on?" or "Where do I begin?". Fear not! Having been through the Software Engineer interview gauntlet several times, I've fine-tuned a 3-month blueprint just for you.

How Long Should You Prepare?

The sweet spot? 3 months, assuming you can dedicate 11 hours weekly. While I'll delve into a 3-month blueprint here, remember, you can always customize your plan with the Grind 75 tool I've crafted.

Before diving deep: If you're a bit rusty with the basics of data structures and algorithms, brush up on those first.

Three Potential Study Strategies:

  1. Broad and Shallow: Skim through all topics first, then tackle a mix of questions. Perfect if you have a month up your sleeve.
  2. Deep Dive: Master each topic thoroughly before moving on. Ideal for those on a time crunch. You'll want to hit high-priority topics first.
  3. Deep First, Broad Later: Get a good grasp of each topic, practice a few questions, then shift to the next topic. Once all topics are covered, scatter your practice across all areas. Opt for this if you have over a month to spare.

For a balanced approach, I'd suggest either the first or the third strategy.

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The 3-Month Blueprint

Map out your available days and hours. Aim for a realistic timeline to avoid overwhelming yourself.

Weeks 1-4: Dive into Topics and Practice

The resources linked are my algorithm cheatsheets. They're designed to quickly bring you up to speed on crucial points like time complexity, nuances, and topic-centric tactics.

Remember: Early in your practice, incorporate coding interview best practices and techniques!

Week 1: Foundations

StringHigh2 hours
ArrayHigh3 hours
RecursionHigh4 hours
Hash TableHigh3.5 hours

Week 2: The Next Steps

Sorting and searchingHigh4 hours
Linked ListHigh4 hours
StackMid3 hours
QueueMid3 hours
MatrixMid2 hour

Week 3: Branching Out

HeapHigh2 hours
TreeHigh3 hours
TrieHigh2 hours
GraphHigh5 hours

Week 4: Advanced Topics

BinaryMid3 hours
Dynamic programmingMid3 hours
IntervalMid1.5 hours

Weeks 5-12: Intense Problem Solving

These challenges will fine-tune your coding skills. If you've tackled some from the previous weeks, skip or retry them. And if you're not comfortable with dynamic programming, feel free to skip those problems. Most can be approached using recursion or backtracking.

Tip: Find these problems in Leet Code to practice and monitor your progress effectively!

Week 5: Getting Started

Two SumEasy20 mins
Longest SubstringMedium25 mins
Add Two NumbersMedium35 mins
Median of Two ArraysHard45 mins

Week 6: Keep Pushing

Merge Two Sorted ListsEasy20 mins
Swap Nodes in PairsMedium35 mins
Divide Two IntegersMedium35 mins
Longest PalindromeMedium40 mins
Search in Rotated ArrayHard45 mins

Week 7: Advanced Techniques

Remove DuplicatesEasy20 mins
Pow(x, n)Medium30 mins
Jump GameMedium35 mins
Merge IntervalsMedium40 mins
Wildcard MatchingHard45 mins

Week 8: Challenging Constructs

Max SubarrayEasy15 mins
Rotate ImageMedium30 mins
Valid SudokuMedium35 mins
PermutationsMedium40 mins
Minimum Window SubstringHard50 mins

Week 9: Solidifying Knowledge

Reverse Linked ListEasy15 mins
Duplicate NumberMedium20 mins
Multiply StringsMedium25 mins
Combination SumMedium30 mins
First Missing PositiveHard45 mins

Week 10: Final Challenges

Climbing StairsEasy25 mins
Longest Valid ParenthesesMedium30 mins
Rotate ListMedium35 mins
Word SearchMedium35 mins
Minimum Path SumHard40 mins

Week 11: Prep for the Big Day

Simplify PathMedium30 mins
Set Matrix ZeroesMedium30 mins
Gas StationMedium35 mins
Word BreakMedium40 mins
CandyHard45 mins

Week 12: Last Minute Brush-up

Maximum Product SubarrayMedium25 mins
Palindromic SubstringsMedium30 mins
Validate Binary Search TreeMedium30 mins
Recover Binary Search TreeHard45 mins

One last note

Your Intro and Questions: Allocate approximately 3 hours to draft a captivating introduction and formulate engaging questions for the end of your interviews. I'ts important not to forget the behavioral parts of the interview as well, which is covered in the behavioral interview section.

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