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Behavioral Interview

Behavioral Interview Overview

Quick Summary: You're a tech whiz, but can you jive with your team? This is where behavioral interviews come into play. Here’s a peek at what they are and why they matter.

Why Behavioral Interviews are the Real Deal

You've aced that tough algorithmic problem in minutes. But, are you someone your team will enjoy Monday morning meetings with?

Tech giants don’t want just code-generating machines. They’re on the lookout for team players who can communicate, collaborate, and gel well with others. Simply put, they don’t want geniuses who are team-wreckers.

This is where behavioral interviews come in. They provide insights into how you function in a team, deal with conflicts, and more. They're like a magnifying glass for your interpersonal skills!

Diving into the Depths: What Exactly Are They Asking?

Expect to unravel stories from your past in these interviews. Common question themes include:

  • Your aspirations and journey: How you see your career trajectory.
  • Resume storytelling: Deep diving into your past projects or experiences.
  • Scenario deep dives: Those classic "Tell me about a time when..." scenarios.

Big Tech's Take on Behavioral Interviews

Did you know? At the time of writing:

  • Facebook: 1 in 4 rounds is all about your behavior.
  • Airbnb: A whopping 2 in 6 rounds!
  • Lyft: 1 in 5 rounds dials in on past experiences.

That's right! The emphasis is high, showcasing just how much they value interpersonal dynamics.

Nail Your Behavioral Interview with These Steps

1. Become a STAR Storyteller

The STAR method is your best friend:

  • Situation: Paint the scenario.
  • Task: Define your role in it.
  • Action: Detail out your steps.
  • Result: Round it off with the outcomes.

For Instance: Let's look at a conflict-resolution scenario:

  • Situation: Team tension during a project due to overlapping deadlines.
  • Task: As the team lead, you needed to bring harmony back.
  • Action: Communication, compromise, and an interim solution.
  • Result: On-time project delivery and a team that became buddies.

2. Get Ready for Common Questions

Jot down key points for potential questions. Practicing verbally ensures your story flows like a riveting novel, not a rehearsed play.

3. Showcase How You Mirror Company Values

Every company is unique. Understand their ethos and have tales ready that resonate with their core values.

4. Test Your Skills with Mock Interviews

Platforms like interviewing.io link you with pros from top-tier companies. It's like the rehearsal before the grand play.

5. Courses? Maybe, Maybe Not

While not mandatory, some swear by behavioral interview courses. Two to consider:

  • Exponent's Behavioral Interviews: A wholesome package with a community-driven question bank.
  • Educative's "Grokking the Behavioral Interview": Focused on patterns rather than rote learning.


In the tech world, coding might be your sword, but interpersonal skills are your shield. As you prep for your next big interview, remember: it's not just about code; it's about how you collaborate.

Oh, and if you're looking to level up your resume game for FAANG giants, check out these killer resume templates tailored for Bay Area biggies.

Happy Interviewing!

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