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Practice Questions

As a product manager, your ability to craft innovative solutions is at the core of your role. Product sense is the compass that guides you to understand user needs and design products that resonate. Let's explore a few examples to put your product sense to the test:

Product Design Questions

  • Design a Social Travel Product for Twitter
  • Create a Maps product for Amazon
  • Design a Product to Help Users Find a car on Airbnb

Product Improvement Questions

  • How Would You Improve Snapchat? Imagine you have the chance to enhance Snapchat. What changes would you make to make it even better?

  • How Would You Improve TikTok For-You-Page? Explore ways to make the TikTok For-You-Page experience more meaningful and enjoyable for users.

  • How Would You Improve Amazon Prime? Dive into Amazon Prime and suggest improvements that could boost user engagement and satisfaction.

  • Pick Any Meta Product — How Would You Improve It? Choose any existing Meta product and brainstorm ideas to make it more user-friendly and impactful.

Product Strategy Questions

  • Reviving Snapchat Stories Snapchat Stories is facing challenges. How would you turn the situation around and breathe new life into it?

  • Exploring New Markets for Lyft Should Lyft venture into the airplane sales or something else? Share your strategic insights.

  • Monetizing Apple iMessage Delve into monetization strategies for Apple's iMessage. How can they generate revenue while offering value?

  • Charting Pinterest's Future What should be Pinterest's next move? Provide your strategic vision for the company's direction.

These questions will put your product sense to the test and sharpen your skills in designing, improving, and strategizing products.

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